Sometimes when I see Facebook posts about boyfriend/girlfriends that say stuff akin to “I’ll love her forever!” I want to comment with something like, “You are going to break up and be miserable and lonely.” 

I just don’t know where this reservoir of bitterness came from.


I feel like you can’t always promise to do or be something forever. You can promise to do or be that thing today and continue promising each day, but you don’t know how future you will change and you need to be honest with yourself about that.

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Questionhow many followers do you haaave duuude Answer

More than 100!

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Questionhow old are you? Answer

I’m twenty years old!

QuestionThis isnt an ask just a statement. Love your blog. Answer

Thank you very much! I hope it makes your day just a little bit better!

Keep shining bright and remember that only you can be yourself. No one else will ever be able to do that no matter how hard they try so that makes you special beyond compare.

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who here knows how to dismantle a security camera

everybody on here always acts like some criminal mastermind when in reality 40 of you guys told me to smash it with a rock and at least 3 told me to seduce it

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